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Premium can be paid at KBZ Bank, CB Bank, UAB Bank, GTB Bank, MCB Bank, OK$, Wave Money, Collector Collection Service, Capital Taiyo Life Insurance branch office.

If the premium withdrawals before the maturity date, fixed compensation plan can get surrender value.

Short Term Endowment Life Insurance

Premium payment rate shall be calculated based on the coverage and age of the insured person.

Monthly premium payment for (15) days and quarterly, biannual or annual payment for (30) days can be delayed.

The insured can be withdrawal after paying at least 12times, if the premium payment is monthly.

Group Life Insurance

Payment of premium paid is lump sum in group life insurance.

If the worker quits the job, the compensation benefit will not be paid.

Health Insurance

The insured must inform the insurer before admitted to the hospital. Claim must be filed within 10 business days after being discharged from the hospital along with medical record and evidences.

Critical Illness

Premium must be paid semi-annually, annually for individual customer and monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually for group customers in critical illness.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance under 100 miles and Special Travel insurance can be purchased at ticket counter and inbound / outbound travel insurance can be purchased at Capital Taiyo Life Insurance head office.

The insured can claim for death benefit within (1) year and for injury within (2) years from the date that happens.

Please contact

Capital Taiyo Life Insurance customer service at (+959) 7654-53422 , (+959) 7654-53423 .