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Personal Accident Insurance


This policy is intended to cover benefits for injury, total permanent disability, death, hospitalization and temporary non-occupational disability.

Personal Accident Insurance

Age limit16 years to 65 years
Sum Insured (per worker) 500,000 Ks ~ 20,000,000 Ks (Or) 1,000 USD ~ 200,000 USD
Insured Period(3) Months, (6 ) Months, (1) Year
Premium PaymentPayment must be made lump sum
Premium rate per year0.7% (of Total Sum Insured for each individual)
* Note: Additional 0.3% of total sum insured will be charged to those who are working at the
risky workplace such as police officer, army personnel, aviation staffs, and electrician.
Commencement of policyWith effect from the date of premium payment
Renewal of the policyPolicy can be renewed before the maturity date to continue the policy term
Body injury
Total loss of both legs and arms
Accidental death
Total permanent disability
Temporary non-occupational disability

Claim Procedure

  1. The insured must inform to the company within (2) weeks if accidental claim happens.
  2. Medical record, medical report, acknowledgement letter from doctor and death certificate must be submitted to the company.
  1. Personal Accident Policy does not cover the followings;

    1. Injury, Death and Permanent Disability due to the use of drugs (or) drugs abuse.
    2. Injury, Death and Permanent Disability due to self-injury or self-mutilation.
    3. Death and Permanent Disability due to disease.
    4. Injury, Death and Permanent Disability caused by civil unrest, war, riots, strikes, civil commotion, terrorism, seizure of power by military and its consequences.
    5. Injury, Death and Permanent Disability caused by criminal commitment.
    6. Injury, Death and Permanent Disability intentionally caused by third party.
  2. The insured must inform the company within 14 days with all the essential documents if claim happens.
  3. For injury, permanent disability and death, the insured would go through any medical examination including postmortem by company’s doctor if necessary.
  4. If the company terminate the policy during the in forced period and the premium shall be refunded on pro rata basic.
  5. Total maximum benefit per policy will be total sum insured amount.
  6. If there is benefit for total permanent disability claim, any other benefits will be forfeited.
  7. If there is any disagreement between insured and insurer regarding claim settlement, both parties shall appoint their own member of tribunal by written notice. Then both parties shall obey the order of the member of tribunal. If one party inform to appoint the member of tribunal then the other party can appoint another member of tribunal within 2 calendar months. If one party refuse or absent to appoint the member of tribunal after receiving the written notice, another party has the right to appoint their choice of tribunal. When both parties do not agree the decision of both members of tribunal, then they have to follow the decision of judge appointed by both parties. The judge must be together with both members of tribunal during the decision making process. The power and authority of both members of the tribunal and judge shall not be affected in case of any party members’ death. In occurrence of death (judge or any member of tribunal), they can be substituted by the judge or one party. The expense incurred from the process of dispute settlement shall be paid with the decision of the member of tribunal or the judge. The dispute occurred from the reimbursement shall be settled down according to the insurance law. If no action has been taken within 12 months after filing a suit in a court of law, it is assumed that the claim benefit will be forfeited.
  8. The accuracy of disclosed information in the proposal and following the insurance policy rules are the key factors to receive benefits.