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Grab Triple Benefits with One Endowment Insurance!

Grab Triple Benefits with One Endowment Insurance!


Triple Cover Plan (Capital Taiyo’s newest endowment insurance)

Triple Cover Plan is the life insurance that provides financial protection in the event of an unexpected event, where you will receive triple benefits of your sum insured.


What are the advantages of purchasing new short-term endowment insurance (Triple cover plan)?

  • Benefit for both life insurance protection and saving
  • Advantage to purchase endowment insurance starting from (3) years insured period
  • Triple of maturity value for the death benefit during the insured period (only for accident cases)
  • Single or level premium payment according to the insured person’s preference
  • Income tax relief
  • Tax exemption on insurance benefits
  • No creditor can warrant the benefit of the surety


Type of Insurance Short-Term Endowment Insurance
Age limitation Age (10) to (65) years.
Policy Term 3 years (or) 5 years (or) 7 years (or) 10 years
Sum Insured Starting from 1 million kyats
Premium Payment Single Payment or Monthly/ Quarterly/ Semi-annually, or Annually Installment Payment
Protections Benefits Death Benefit or Total Permanent Disability Benefit


Capital Taiyo’s newest endowment insurance (triple cover) is one of the most suitable insurances for you and your loved ones. So, grab it right now!